Clay Force

Welcome to the Clay Force

Clay Force at a glance and the trajectory curve of project developments.


Clay Force is an art-focused and story-led project about seven unique individuals from different time periods on earth. The characters, who are each handcrafted in clay, have been abducted and taken to a foreign planet in a parallel universe, where they have been transformed into whimsical characters, similar in appearance to their captors. The community driven quests will hopefully lead them back to earth in their reclaimed human forms and true identities. The foundation of the project uses community driven lore as a basis for claiming craftable ingredients that will be utilized in formulating serums and antidotes, which will return your Adanauts back into human forms at various rates of success.
The Genesis Antidotes will enable human transformation with a 100% rate of success for traits chosen by Genesis Members. The other 200 antidotes and 500 serums will also allow human transformation but at a lesser rate of success.
There will also be up to 32 Serum X Compounds that may be assembled by utilizing the appropriate ingredients. A completed formula will allow users to have nearly any NFT they possess from any other collection transformed into clay by Brrrbon. The Artist is the Founder. Community-inspired; Brrrbon lead. Below is a visual of our Trajectory Curve:
Where we were. Where we are. Where we are going.

Meet the Team

Artist & Founder - Brrrbon Lore Writer - Jaybird86 Voice - EVStephenT1 And an Amazing MOD team that includes: Daneel Wiggins, Crypto Paulie, Doc Bao, Saculemix, CDRJW, and $Yummi.village. More information on the team at​

First Checkpoints